Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Political Memes #3 - Butthurt Basement Dweller

In American political life, there can be only one living breathing Butthurt Basement Dweller. Michael Moore has built an entire career out of being fat, ill-informed and obnoxious. He's been so successful in this that he now lives in a penthouse basement in the Upper West Side.

Recently he's been stalking W.'s book-pimping tour trying to get one of his flaky films on what's left of network TV. At the end of the day, he's just a particularly repellant cam-whore.

No caption required.


  1. It's his anti-gun stuff that gets to me. It's my birthright as an American to be allowed to have a weapon.

  2. @ Unablogger - and to proudly display your weapon on a full body scan.

  3. nice stuff!
    supportin & following!

  4. Right to have a gun is from "old days" when ppl needed weapons to defend them selfs..

    Anyway i like MM he talks about stuff that are important.
    When over 11k ppl get's killed a year (like in US) then something is not right.

    But sure... it's South Park's fault.. and Marilyn Manson and rap music

  5. I may not be a fan of most of his work, but I watched Sicko and rather enjoyed it. True he only got people that would defend his side...and now its a bit outdated since everyone can now get medical insurance even with pre existing conditions now.

    Actually, that was the only piece of his work that I semi enjoyed lol.

  6. Bowling for Columbine was pretty juvenile, but Fahrenheit 9/11 was just a shoddy film and as much as I loved seeing a public hit piece on "Mr. Bush" there are so many better documentaries out there that accomplish this without being retarded. Loudest voice in the room kind of deal I guess.

    I'm down with Sicko and Capitalism a Love Story though (even though I cringe whenever Moore jumps infront of the camera to do the lame, visiting Cuba/Banks bit) Roger and Me is probably his best, most honest work IMO

  7. It is important to question whatever system you live in, but his methods aren't always the best. It works for him though.

  8. I don't think I've heard of this guy.