Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Suciô Sisters

People keep asking me whether Linda and Loretta Sanchez are my sisters. Thankfully no - Sucio can still dream of teaming up with them some day. They do share my values though and I'm proud to give them the title (Honorary) Suciô Sisters.
Sucio muốn nhận được bẩn với họ.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Halloween's Coming...

Revisionist History

Leadership Counts

At first glance you might not notice it, but if you look really closely at the man and his record it's clear that Barack Obama is a worthy Captain of Team Sanchez.

Team Sanchez Has Bipartisan Support

Throughout his looong years of public service, few politicians have embraced the Sanchez ideal more vigorously than John McCain. We're proud of his service to his country and to his state.

Lifetime Achievement Award

Now we'd like to recognize one man's tremendous efforts for the Sanchez cause.
From his dogged devotion to Fannie to his brave stance on social issues Barney Frank has devoted his whole career to the Sanchez dream.

Team Sanchez salutes Nancy Pelôsi

In an ongoing series of posts, we'll be featuring politicians who we think embody the values of Suciô Sanchez.
First up, let's salute a woman who we think is a born leader of the Suciô Squad.

Nancy Pelôsi, welcome to Team Sanchez!

Bumper Stickers

Tell the world and your fellow motorists that you think they deserve Suciô Sanchez.

Wear your Sanchez with pride!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Welcome to VôTE SANCHEZ

They say that people get the politicians they deserve. We think that the American people and Congress deserve Suciô Sanchez.
Let's all pull together to make 2010 the year of Sanchez!