Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Foreign Relations #2 - India

Well, our beloved President is in India. He should feel right at home there - after all, the the kind of post-colonial grievence culture we discussed yesterday was born there. On independence the Indian establishment built a national myth of shared oppression in an attempt to unite Hindus and Muslims.

The Indian National Myth

Sadly, inevitably, Indian independence came at a low point in British political culture. Post independence India was dominated by politicians such as Nehru who had been thoroughly indoctrinated in Fabian Socialism (in his case, at Harrow and Cambridge).

For much of the next sixty years, the Indian government did all it could to suppress entrepreneurship and free markets. But, stimulated by the explosive growth in the outsourcing sector, the Indian establishment has now seen the light and the country is finally beginning to realize its potential.

What will it take for Obama to recognize the bankruptcy of  Socialism?

Workers in the call center in Bombay (not Mumbai damnit).

Sonia Gandhi and Barack Obama discuss Indian agricultural exports to America.