Monday, October 18, 2010

Some Campaign Advice For Barney Frank

My old friend Barney Frank has been under some pressure recently as the Beilat campaign has unfairly attacked him on his record and has repeatedly tried to drag issues into the debate. They even tried to make an issue of a few youthful indiscretions and have attacked Barney for taking a well-earned vacation from the burden of representing his proud constituents.

Suciô can understand the temptation for Barney to swallow Beilat's bait and to campaign on his long, proud history of defending the rights of oppressed quasi-governmental mortgage agencies.

Suciô's advice to Barney is to ignore these distractions, and to focus instead on the core issues that are most important to his devoted followers. We think this poster best sums up the approach that he should take.

Suciô thinks that Barney could learn a lot from the campaign of his fellow congressman, Anthony Weiner whose website reflects many of Barney's interests.