Monday, October 4, 2010

Meg's not a team (Sanchez) player

Sadly, not all politicians embrace the Suciô world-view. Meg Whitman is particularly is a disappointing.
Jerry Brown may be an aging flake but he's much more up our alley.
Viva El Bruno!

<Click Meg's picture to see the dark truth>


  1. Super blog!

  2. "Noob question here - is green better than blue?"

    I would say green is better than blue, but it all depends on what color clothes the people are wearing. In my case, I'm using a neon green color, because it sticks out way more than regular blue, even though some of my characters wear a shade of green.

    "P.S. why does google put ads for "Bedsores and Incontinence" on this page. Is this going to be a scat movie?

    No, it's not gonna be a scat movie. Dunno why those ads are showing up.